In 2005 «MAXIFORM», a producer of PVC windows, launched the production of windows with the help of a semi-automated assembly line.
Suppliers delivered glass units, laminated coloured profiles for further processing by “MAXIFORM” machines, products with a complicated configuration were re-ordered to provide a sufficient range of products.

Today «MAXIFORM» owns unique fully automated lines which allow to produce a window in 4 minutes. The company also produces glass units for its own needs and for other producers of windows. The line of lamination helps to decorate the profile with a great variety of colours, the technology of lamination helps to reduce the time of production of «coloured» windows by 10 days which is an additional competitive characteristic. The modern equipped lines allow to produce 5500 glass units and 1000 windows a day.

«MAXIFORM» plant is respected by its partners from all around the Russian Federation, who value high quality of its products. This quality is provided by fully automated lines and 24 robots working 24 hours a day.

The company offers products which fall into the medium priced category, however, it does not use cheap, low quality materials and details. The reduction of cost is achieved by the introduction of the latest technologies and optimisation of production processes. The company specialists are regularly trained and retrained by the leading producers of materials for translucent structures.

At present the company is extending its production facilities of translucent structures in the Smolensk Region.

The modernisation of processing of the plastic profile is based on the new automated ELUMATEC line for production of plastic windows. This is the production line of a complete production cycle controlled by special software ELUMATEC AG.

The modernisation of the «MAXIFORM» plant resulted in the significant increase of its production capacity, workforce productivity. “MAXIFORM” became one of the high-technology companies in the Central Federal District of Russia.

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