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«Fenice Group» joined together “Smolensk Hosiery Mill”, the legendary company set up in 1953, the knit wear manufacturer “The World of Textiles” and the trading house “Smolensky”, the trading house “Slavyanka”, the retail chain “Kaprizulya” and “Nina”. Nina Mikhailovna Nikonova is the head of the “Fenice Group”.

The companies united in 2014 and a new brand appeared on the market, it represents high quality and affordable hosiery and knitwear.

The corporate management resulted in the increase of performance of each division and of the integrated company. Traditions and reputation of the Smolensk Hosiery Mill, one of the oldest and largest producers in Russia, are combined with modern dynamics and persistence of the «World of Textiles», a producer of knitwear for children and adults founded in 2012. Quality standards which have existed for over 50 years, unique specialists and the latest technological achievements help the company to offer products which meet the highest standards. The traditional range of products popular with Smolensk citizens (socks, tights, stockings) is complemented by a wide range of fashionable, stylish and comfortable knitwear clothes for home, sport and rest.

The trading house «The World of Textile» participated in several competitive proposal procedures and received financial support in the form of subsidies for partial reimbursement of expenses on purchasing of equipment necessary for launching, developing, modernising production facilities. In 2013-2015 the company received state subsidies which helped it to develop and purchase new equipment.

The quality of products attracts special attention as the marked is flooded by counterfeit goods of low quality which were made with some irregularities in the production process from low grade materials. Some of the counterfeit products are sold under “Fenice” brand. On the one hand this situation is flattering for the producer as it is a well known fact that only high quality products with a reliable reputation which are in great demand can be counterfeited. On the other hand, the company reputation suffers from irreparable damage, the situation is so serious that the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation supported the idea of criminal sanctions against producers of counterfeit and smuggled goods.

We can assure our customers that all «Fenice» products are made of high quality materials and meet modern standards which has been proved many times by victories in international professional competitions and exhibitions.
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Fenice Group