Progress report on the “Rosa dairy plant operation return” investment project (Smolensk) 

Project Delivery Time: 2017-2020 

Total Investment Amount: 200 Mio Rub. 

Social Return: when the first production line starts, there will be created about 80 new jobs 

In 2017, the investor started the reconstruction of the Rosa LLC Smolensk dairy plant.

Within the framework of investment project implementation at the enterprise engineering networks for gas supply and the roof were replaced, the major repairs of the water supply and sewerage system also have been made, as well as three refrigerated products chambers — two for the raw materials and semi-finished products, and one for the finished products — were modernized.

In February 2020 the first production facility (for cheese production) was put into operation. Ceremonial opening of the plant and the production facility for whole-milk and sour-milk products was held in March 2020. The plant started production output processing 10 tons of raw materials on a daily basis, and the company plans to increase this number by 60.

The plant processes milk of Smolensk manufacturers only. The plant products are marketed under the Rosa trademark but with a new logo.

As the facilities’ areas allow implementing many projects here, the enterprise plans to establish a food technopark that will include several enterprises of different orientation. In all probability, all of them will be producing dairy products.

The production launch and products sales are planned for the 1st quarter of 2020

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