Ltd «VKP LT»

Looking at the success story of our company, you can easily understand that the road to success is not a simple one, it is the result of many years of hard work and persistence of the company management. It is also the result of a successful combination of entering the market in due time and original ideas which help to offer such products and services which fully satisfy consumers' needs.

We believe that the quality of a product is more than a mere absence of any possible fault. The product is the basic of interaction between a customer and a producer. All parts of this chain should comply with the deep understanding of what quality of a product actually is. Customers tend not to change quality products for cheaper ones.

The implementation of the project «Manufacturing genuine leathers for footwear and furniture with the help of new technologies” includes the construction of new facilities, purchasing equipment for production modernization, introduction of foreign technologies and design of new articles.

The wider range of products and their high quality will allow the company to compete successfully with foreign producers, offering partners lower prices. This strategy will encourage the Russian producers of footwear and furniture to shift from foreign leather to Russian materials.
The new economy policy and improvement of business climate allowed the company to receive a loan of 270, 56 mln rubles at the rate of 5 % a year from the Industry Development Fund. The project co-financing is 116,01 mln rubles.

At present the company is planning to produce buff leather, new articles of leather for footwear and furniture. The manufacturing process is based on new innovative ideas and customers opinions and needs.

The operational programs help to simplify the vertical structure of the manufacturing process. The contacts with suppliers become more intensive. The implementation of plans also depend on the style and methods of staff management. The company consists of simple decentralised units which can be easily trained or retrained, the central functions are partially given to the groups responsible for production of a particular product. The contacts with Italian experts help the company to introduce new technologies.

The use of technologies and sophisticated equipment leads to a significant decrease of production costs and time needed for production of goods and increase of quality. The company is planning to take 11% of the market.

The Ltd «VKP LT» is among those companies which have a great influence on the clothing and footwear industry and economy of the Smolensk Region in general.
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Ltd «VKP LT»