Ltd «Optimalnaya teplovaya enrgetika»

Ltd «Optimalnaya teplovaya energetika» has been working in Smolensk since December 2009.

The company uses external investment to produce highly efficient block-modular gas boiling facilities for socially critical infrastructure of the Smolensk Region to replace fuel and other dated units.

Ltd «Optimalnaya teplovaya energetika» has completed a number of projects in the Smolensk Region, it made gas boiling facilities in Vyazma (power capacity 24 MW), in Demidov (power capacity 5,56 MW), in Rudnya, Khislavichi, Kasplya and Temkino.

At present the heating energy market is going through a complicated period caused by the lack of investment for reconstruction of the equipment and network. However, the volume of the consumed heating energy is rather stable and predictable.

Ltd «Optimalnaya teplovaya energetika» is planning to construct a new «Iceberg» unit to provide heat for the whole district situated in Narvskaya, Nakhimova, Bagrationa, Kominterna streets in Smolensk and to replace the dated and worn out boiling house of LLC «Iceberg».

This unit provides heating and hot water for citizens and budget financed organisations and other consumers. Built to replace the boiling house of LLC «Iceberg», it has the same functioning zone. The absence of free spaces for construction of new facilities determines the stable volume of consumed energy.

The construction of the boiling house «Iceberg» is beneficial for the city of Smolensk in a number of ways:
• the city receives a new modern boiling house without spending budgeting funds;
• it saves funds which were allocated for maintaining old boiling houses;
• it improves heat supply and provides citizens and budget financed organisations with affordable heat energy;
• new workplaces are created,
• the city budget receives taxes from the investor.

The tariff is regulated by the current legislation. The strategy of energy distribution is regulated by the Federal law “On energy preservation and efficiency”.

The relative rate of resources consumption of the boiling house is significantly lower than the rates of older units due to the use of the modern equipment. However, the actual heat loss is rather high which is caused by the lag in the reconstruction of the heat network.

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Ltd «Optimalnaya teplovaya enrgetika»