Ltd "Lalibela Coffee"

A cup of coffee is an unchangeable ritual, with which the beginning of a new productive day is usually associated with for most of us. A true hedonist can enjoy a cup of Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino or Mocha coffee with milk froth and then start an new day of victories and achievements. The increasing tempo of the company development reflects the growing popularity of cafes offering “to-go coffee” and numerous vending machines in city streets and shopping centres. Although people can often feel snowed under work, they always manage to find 5 minutes for a break and continue their run with a glass in hand.

«Coffee is my personal petrol” – some of us admit and continue “I think, I am made up of 70% of coffee not water!” If we ask a question “What country do you associate coffee with?” we will find various opinions: for some people it is definitely Italy with its traditional Espresso in the afternoon, for others it is France with a special roasting tradition of coffee beans which adds some esquisite bitterness to the drink, for still others it can be Africa with its hills covered with coffee trees.

The Smolensk Region can pride itself on the regional coffee producer. Founded in 2013, Ltd «Lalibela Coffee» is a modern coffee production facility of the full cycle which meets all the requirements of international standards and combines all the stages of production from plantation to cup.

Ltd «Lalibela Coffee» imports best sorts of organic coffee including such premium quality sorts as Yirgacheffee and Harar delivered directly from Ethiopia, Uganda, India and Vietnam.

Strict requirements which the company imposes on the quality of imported green coffee, the equipment produced by the leading roasting and packaging company Probat©, the ground mill Mahlkonig TM and the packaging complex make Smolensk famous all over Russia not only for its diamonds and power tools but also for premium quality roasted coffee which meets all the international standards.

The company produces 120 tons of coffee a month (100% of natural roasted coffee ground or beans).

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Ltd "Lalibela Coffee"