LLC «Vyazma-Brusit»

Founded in 2006 LLC «Vyazma-Brusit», the company has been focused on the efficient performance, enhancement of technological processes and improvement of production facilities.

The company produces marketable products made of brucite under the brand names of “Ecopyrene” which has antyperene characteristics and “Agromat” with anti-clogging characteristics.

In 2015 the amount of the manufactured products was 412 000 000 tons: «Agromag» - 240 000 000 tons, «Ecopyrene» - 172 000 000 tons.

The company is implementing the investment project «Construction of LLC «Vyazma-Brusit» facilities for «Ecopyrene» production, the project is supported by the Administration of Smolensk Region, the company was granted subsidies for advance payment for leasing equipment and partial reimbursement of interest rate for the credit, tax exemptions on corporate income and property taxes.

In 2015 the company focused on the production processes, the ''kaizen'' system or lean production practiced in Japan, was successfully introduced to improve the quality.

The company optimized the staff management, which resulted in the decrease of the number of the staff by 18 employees. In January 2015 the number of employees was 84 while in December 2015 it was 66. This downsizing led to the increase of salaries for the remained staff, which in its turn improved the general performance and reduced the payroll fund.

In 2016 the company introduced the system of production improvement based on specialists' suggestions. This practice helped to introduce the new methods of storage, which helps to save working time and space.
The opening of the R&D centre which is responsible for research and development was another innovation. The centre is focused on the studies of characteristics of mineral flour and mineral fillers, development of new fillers with new characteristics, improvement of produced materials, new spheres of application, development of new methods of surface treatment.

Specialists take an active part in studying characteristics of the materials, this research is done in the Netherlands and Italy, they also look for new spheres of application and try to improve qualities of materials.
The company underwent a number of positive changes which result in its modernisation. The grinding mill SO270/400 has new grinding elements, the new equipment improved the mill capacity and consequently the performance of production unit № 2.
In 2015 the resource base was extended: the company purchased a tractor worth 1 259 815 mln rubles and a set of laboratory equipment «Malvern» worth 5 358 755 mln rubles.
The new laboratory equipment simplified the procedure, it helps to save time while making analysis necessary for continuous production.
The construction of an overhead power line (10 kW) cut down the cost of energy resources. The line, which connects LLC VNPO «Resource» and Ltd «Vyazma-Brusit», is 2345 m long. The construction of the overhead power line cost 12080451 rubles.

Despite the considerable expenses connected with the construction of the power line (13,5 mln rubles), the savings from energy consumption were 10 704 630 rubles. Consequently, the construction of the power line paid for itself for a little longer than a year.

The company also built two parking facilitites for cars and trucks worth 388 886 rubles and a turnoff from the road Vyazma-Temkino worth 723 525 rubles.

Taking into account the further development opportunities, in 2015 the company prepared the construction project of a new production unit of ground brucite.

The company launched the modernisation of the present production facilities (production unit № 1) and equipment.

The company is planning to make a well (it has already received a licence for it construction), to build a railway which will be connected with the railway of LLC VNPO “Resource”.

The company has also concluded a rent agreement of land (10 640 m2) adjacent to its premises, in accordance with the development plan, the railway will run through this territory and connect production unit № 1 of “Vyazma-Brusit” with the railway of LLC VNPO “Resource”.

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LLC «Vyazma-Brusit»